Individual Counseling

Give Yourself Hope with Individual Counseling With An Adult Counselor

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Are you feeling like life is becoming too complicated?


Are you concerned that you cannot deal with the stress, pressure, and anxiety anymore? Whether your focus is situational or something you deal with frequently, trying to deal with it alone can be difficult. Everyone can use a little help. When the stressors of life become too overwhelming, it can be a sign to seek adult counseling. Everyone needs support, guidance, and the tools to navigate through the difficulties of life, and pursuing individual counseling with an adult counselor is the first step to overcoming those difficulties.

In many ways, getting individual counseling from an adult counselor is like an educational experience. Through individual counseling, a client can learn more about him/herself and acquire new skills. Through this process, clients will also have greater self-acceptance and self-esteem, increased confidence, the ability to change self-defeating behaviors, improved problem-solving skills, relief from depression and anxiety, and ability to manage stress, and more.

If you require adult counseling or individual counseling, contact Nurturing Hope & Healing Counseling, LLC.  Through individual counseling, she can help clarify the things that are bothering you and help put them in perspective through discussion. During your one on one counseling, you will be able to resolve your conflict, attain positive behavioral changes, and learn ways to manage any remaining fear to live a useful life.

The great thing about Rebekah René Stearns is that she offers online therapy sessions. As an online counselor in Idaho, she can evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients at a distance using telecommunications technology.  Counseling helps to overcome barriers for those who live far from those who don’t have reliable transportation and have limited time to get to their appointment.  Counseling also allows clients to have their online therapy sessions in the comfort of their own. As an online counselor in Idaho, she understands that her online adult counseling is genuinely beneficial for clients because it offers a relaxed environment and a place of safety. No matter where you are at, she is still able to provide you with the quality one on one counseling that you deserve with online therapy.


Are you ready to speak with an adult counselor?


If so, contact Nurturing Hope & Healing Counseling, LLC, today. When it comes to adult counseling, there is no reason not to seek out help. Individual counseling can help to open the door for new ideas and shared thoughts. It can help you to see yourself for who you indeed are and help you realize your potential. It can also mean new opportunities for your family to bond and heal. At Nurturing Hope & Healing Counseling, LLC, you will find a favorable, uplifting option to learn and grow during each session. All you have to do is to come in for a conversation.